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Try, try again! Another New Year’s Resolution

Happy new year

Happy new year (Photo credit: Amodiovalerio Verde)

Another year has come and gone and according to Author and Psychologist Richard Wiseman, only 12% of the people who make resolutions succeed in keeping them. What does that say to us?
Well, I think it’s telling us it’s possible, but difficult. All things worthwhile usually are. It will take will power, self-empowerment, determination, faith, a sense of humor and sometimes resolve in knowing that some of our resolutions may take more than one year to achieve.
“What?” you ask! “But resolutions expire at midnight on the 31st of December every year!”
Listen, if you get half way to a 10k running goal from mile marker 00, are you going to quit there?
Heck, no! You started a great habit, made amazing strides and that should be enough to take last year’s dreams into the next! Give yourself a huge pat on the back for NOT GIVING UP and keep going girl!
That, in my opinion, is success!

Here are a handful of helpful hints to be in 2013’s 12%:

Break it Down:
I don’t mean in a hip hop dance way, I mean into smaller goals. If your goal it to write a novel. Then break down the goal into manageable portions. For instance, write one chapter per week or vow to write for 3 hours 3 times per week.  These smaller steps are more attainable and realistic.
Who writes a novel in a day?
If the goal is saving money, decide how much per week or day to get to the end goal. Set the amount you have to achieve, if you miss a deposit you make it up as quickly as possible. Mistakes are manageable; they can be fixed and don’t have to be the cause to quit on your resolution.
When you reach your goals, then break it down baby! And I do mean in a hip hop dance kind of way!

Start feeling and seeing what it’s going to feel like when you achieve your goals. Have a short simple statement to repeat to yourself every day. If doubt creeps in then push the thoughts away with statements only winners use. “I am capable of running 2 miles every day, because I’m healthy and strong.” Before you know it, you will run that 5 K by the end of the year!
Another exercise is to make a vision board, with pictures to remind you of your goals. Hang it on your mirror or closet door to make yourself stop and believe in yourself every morning.
Our thoughts become our reality. When we work as hard in mind as in body, we can make change happen. Don’t let self-doubt stop you when you have the power to stop it!
Not only is writing your idea down a great way to visualize your way to success, but it’s perfect for staying focused and on track. Organize your path to reach your end goal. Step by step, check off each you’ve accomplished. What could be more motivating than to see yourself moving forward?

Accountability Partner:
Join a running group, or get an office colleague to save $5 per day M-F. Make it a ritual to drop the money in a lock box together. At the end of 52 weeks you’ll have an extra $1300 and have had a lot of fun at the same time. Find a weight loss partner or work out partner, or ask a family member for support. Even if they say a prayer with you every day to encourage you, it can help.
You may consider hiring a professional of some sort. Depending on your goals, you could benefit from a fitness trainer, counselor or support group. Life Coaches are all about holding you accountable for the weekly goals you set and making action plans with you that ignite positive thinking and achievable steps. If you need a person on your side, to challenge you and share progress, it’s worth considering these professionals.

Quiet your mind and laugh!
When we are running around stressed out, fitting extra tasks into our already busy schedule, we can get derailed. Getting overwhelmed or even physically exhausted doesn’t have to block you from your achievements. Take some quiet time for peace of mind. Your mind and soul need to be grounded. Insert 5 minutes breaks into each day. Set your phone alarm. Allow your mind to blank out. Breath. Give yourself this time to enjoy the air that is filling your lungs, and cleansing away the tension they hold. Listen to your deep breathes and whenever you begin to think about what you “should be doing”,  “need to get done”, or you begin to drift into worry, stop! Stop those thoughts with a positive repetitive mantra. “I am capable of achieving my goals.” “Good thoughts, Good deeds, Great results.” “God knows my heart and stands beside me.” “All I desire is within me.”
Whatever fits for you and shoos away the negative.

I avidly practice mini-meditation, usually before meeting with a client (they deserve my mind to be clear) and always before I go to bed. It’s physically great for my heart/body and it quiets a noisy world. It’s a little gift to myself, like taking a coffee break!
If you need help with this, Deepak Chopra has developed wonderful meditation sets such as “Creating Abundance” that have soothing messages to guide you. 15 minutes to peace of mind!

Last but not least, stop being so serious and have a good ole belly laugh. If it’s at yourself, perfect! Rent a movie and let your laughter fill the room! It releases stress, strengthens immune systems, and produces endorphins that relieves pain and creates energy.
A good laugh can inspire hope and it looks great on you!


With these hints you will stand a better chance on being in the 12% next year! Good Luck and Happy New Year to all of you who have the courage to make a resolution of any size or shape!
Share your story with me at tina@lifeshiftcoaching.com. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing each success you have along the way to 2014!
Tina Craig
Certified Life Coach


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