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Meet Coach Tina!



Tina’s journey to happiness  began with her desire to have a fulfilling family life, while building a  successful Coaching practice helping others. Tina Craig is your Single Parent/Executive “go to” CTA Certified Life Coach now, but she didn’t start out there. Professionally,  she has held positions in the Automobile Industry in Public  Relations/Website Management, CSI, CCM, and  Sales C.C. Training. Before Tina rejoined the workforce full time, she  was a married, stay at home mother of three with a home “creative  stamping” business. (remember those)

She  has been a student of Coach Training Alliance, Tony Robbins, Martha  Beck, Rita Davenport, and Mike Dooley, and continues to educate herself  in new theory/techniques of inspiration, questioning and coaching. “I  think expanding your knowledge is the spice that fires up daily living. “Believe  it or not, although diverse, each of these life experiences and “jobs”  provided ample learning opportunities for coaching and were the stepping  stones to finding where her true heart lay.   As a Single Parent for the last 12 years, Tina is savvy  in the ways this world puts limitations and expectations on us all, Moms or  Dads. Tina relates, “We work hard to provide stability  for our children and fear sometimes drives us….which can actually  drive us further from our dream life and personal goals!” “I do believe  we can have it all!” Tina helps her  clients uncover and remove the blockages that can make clients feel “stuck”, so that they can shift  forward to the next level. Tina’s belief, understanding and personal realization is that,  “You cannot offer the best of you to anyone or any position, until  you have belief in yourself and find value in what you do!”

From her own personal and professional experiences, Tina understands   that many men and women have been stepped over or tossed aside in some  way or another on their path  through life, the result of which has left  them either with low self-esteem, losing their  true identity, or  forgetting that their needs and desires do matter. Tina  shares, “At times, trauma or transition can spin us into a stand  still!  For instance, my huge move from Colorado to North Carolina, or  when my  fiancée past away due to a sudden accident…both were  traumatic. I  became stuck looking backwards, rather than forward.  Tomorrow didn’t  exist. It took some strong exploration and motivation  to pull me through  that time, and start forming and focusing on my new  path. A Coach would  have been helpful. That’s why I have such a passion  to be there for  others, because I know what would have helped me shift  into a positive  position quicker.” Realizing that the  most  difficult part of change is the decision to take the first step,  Tina  partners up with her clients so they have  someone to take step #1  with. They no longer have to feel alone or  frustrated.  Acting  sometimes as the cheerleader, sometimes as sounding  board and sometimes  as an accountability monitor, she helps client’s  reach personal  success. This partnership empowers her clients to create  positive  shifts in their lives. Coach Tina- “My ability to talk from  and to the heart, often has my clients  saying, ‘I feel so comfortable  with you…I feel  like I’ve known you forever.’  I take great pride and  satisfaction in that!”Enjoy the Shift!

  Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance

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