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Matters Of The Heart

Letter From CEO

As I sit and read many of your emails and comments, my heart goes out to every one of you. Many may wonder why I am so passionate about the healing of women and bringing us into a unified state. Let me first say that I have sat in the seats of many of you all. A victim most my life, starting from my childhood (survivor of childhood abuse, and molestation.), to fallen into a life of promiscuity and drug and alcohol abuse, to a generational cruse of domestic violence. I know what it’s like to hold my true feelings in, only talking about the least painful or shameful part. Embarrassed of what others might say or thinking I was the only one who felt the way I felt.

I know what it’s like to be considered an outcast by most my family and then betrayed by friends. I have walked with my back up against the wall, while watching both sides, carefully examining everyone’s motive, scared to trust anyone and especially myself.

I also know how to overcome by the words of my testimony and truly by the blood of the lamb. I know how to truly accept the blood of the lamb and I know the power the blood holds. I know how to speak to every mountain with only the faith of a grain of a mustard seed. I am no longer bound by my past and I can speak boldly, and with transparency about what God has delivered me from. I know what it is to go to the threshing floor praying and crying out until God delivers me.

That is my deepest desire for every woman across the world, from the United States to most desolate places. My desire is that we no longer give birth to dysfunctional nations but to nations that shall operate in the power and Excellency God ordained to them. My desire is that women stand up admit, seek, and find that true deliverance they need.

I love each of you with the love of God and I am here with you on your journey. Praying day and night that God reaches and meets you at the well as he did with the Samaritan woman; peeling back the layers of her low self-esteem, promiscuity, feeling of hopelessness, and shame.


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