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Adrian Peterson’s Fall?

I have some questions for all my mommies out there. Let’s get some discussion going about the Adrian Peterson’s recent charge of abuse against his child.
What are your thoughts on spankings or whippings as they were called in my day. What are your thoughts on the charges brought against Adrian Peterson? Are they justified or is this going too far?

Read the article to see what this person had to say.

A Little Tour in Yellow

Adrian PetersonJon Tevlin’s column isn’t as bad as the headline — “Taking some lessons from Peterson’s fall” — but I think we need to back up and look at how we are treating the Adrian Peterson Scandal.

Most, but far from all, people would say Adrian Peterson crossed a line from discipline to abuse when he whipped his son with a stick.  Actually…I’m not sure we can even say most people agree.  It is sounding more and more like a “I would never do that” claim from people who have done that or something similar.

Adrian Peterson doesn’t need my support and I am not his defender, but he really is becoming the whipping boy of his own mistakes.  I suppose that’s the way we want justice to work.  After all, in our culture doesn’t justice involve some revenge, maybe just a touch?

And that brings me back to my…

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