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My Beloved Angel…My Beloved Teacher…


I fell in love with my angel, my teacher.  Why did God send you through my dreams?   I thought it was love. It’s been more than a year now, and finally, I am clear that it was all for love…not for me to romance with, but to learn from!
My angel was my teacher; he guided me ever so lovingly to my destiny and gently left me there at the threshold so lonely and confused. In this life, we recognized each other as kindred souls, I felt and remembered our previous lifetimes together, but we were not to be that during this journey, we are just to learn from each other.

As I plead with God to heal my pain, the pain of falling soooo deeply for an illusion, I ask…I ponder…Why did I jump in so wholeheartedly? Because I trust God.

And so unto this day, I still trust Spirit, because my angel escorted me, pushed me into my destiny, so as I now stand before the door of a whole new chapter in my life, I understand that it was you who helped me to soar through this final chapter of my life… preparing me for this new one…

And because your purpose was to assist me through transformation I understand that at this point it’s time for me to lovingly release you. I cannot remove you from my heart; there is where you will always live.

So, as I exit this chapter you moved me through ever so gracefully, I will take with me the lessons of unconditional love you’ve taught me. As I stand at the threshold for this new chapter in my life I will be sure not to forsake my lessons with you by closing my heart.

I will walk into this new chapter with an open heart because, “for even as love crowns you, so shall he crucify you, but even as love crucifies you, so shall it resurrect you!!!”  Loving you always, forever, into eternity and very much unconditionally,


My angels, my teachers, yes there have been more than a few, all to keep me reaching forward to what my soul is due. My heart’s greatest desire developed through the fire of my patience and journey with faith. Truly God’s divine plan is to align me with the man who will affirm the divine and holy plan for my life and for our destiny.

In the meantime, I shall draw nearer to thee and take absolute comfort within thy bosom, for within thy walls I am safe, joyful, peaceful and free. In you, I remain anchored in a love supreme, until my beloved escapes from the confines of those dreams to anchor not only my ship, but my mind and spirit, on a trip to the ocean of his heart, giving me a brand new start…

Clear away the illusions and desired expectations of what we feel and think love is for the joyous reality of what a genuine sacred love from God really is with your true King. Imagine that the present moment is as you desire with your beloved…how does that feel?

Live from that space of love and contentment “now” and you will begin to experience it. Walk fully in the experience you are presently in while simultaneously feeling what you desire next to experience in your existence and watch as it divinely unfolds.


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