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Happy New Year!!!!

January 1, 2015 · Leave a comment

My Prayer For You

My prayer for each of you is that you drop any baggage that will hinder your growth, blessings, joy, relationship with God, family, and friends before entering 2015. I declare … Continue reading

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The Key to Overcoming Every Fear You Face

by Joyce Meyer   Everyone experiences fear in their life. There are big fears we are very aware of and little ones we may not even realize we have. I’ve … Continue reading

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Adrian Peterson’s Fall?

Originally posted on A Little Tour in Yellow:
Jon Tevlin’s column isn’t as bad as the headline — “Taking some lessons from Peterson’s fall” — but I think we need to…

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Two Real Stories That Will Change Your Mind About Cheating

Originally posted on TIME:
This article originally appeared on Refinery 29.com. Illustrated by Anna Sudit Jealousy is probably one of the most toxic emotions out there. It’s a monster of…

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